Hi, I'm Yannick. πŸ‘‹

I like designing natural and fun user experiences.


Delivering a realistic prototype for a very fun news app for kids, in just one month time!πŸŒͺ

Interaction design

Become a Belfius Customer

Designing a simple and fun way to become a customer through the app.

UX and UI design

Belfius Ad

Supporting a shoot for a Belfius ad with working, realistic prototypes. πŸŽ₯

UI and interaction design

Android Stacks

Imagining a way for advanced multitasking in Android.

Fun stuff


Designing a tool that matches business owners with industry experts.

UX design

Mobile Vikings

Mission: to introduce the next country Mobile Vikings will be introduced in.. πŸ‘€

UI design, coding

Contactless Payments

Defining the way contactless payments will work with the Belfius app.

UX and UI design


Working on an innovative resourcing solution for restaurant owners.

UX design


Creating a watch face that shows you your day in a natural way. 🍰

Fun stuff


Building a large-scale banking platform for public and corporate organisations, from scratch.

UX design, coding


Learning the business of an ICT company and telling their story through their website.

UX and UI design, coding


Providing a communications service with a platform to manage millions of messages.

UX and UI design
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